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I am very passionate and live life to the fullest! Your only here once so make sure you leave with no regrets!

I am an Entrepreneur at heart. I love the challenge of building something from the ground floor.

I have a goal each day to share a positive message with the people who are around me.

I don't have a tolerance for negative or mopey people! Avoid negativity like the plague!

I consider myself to be an expert in the art of Marketing and Branding, also making people smile!

Choose carefully the people you let into your inner circle! Always align myself with people who inspire and lift me up!

I believe that everyone needs a mentor in their life to stretch and make them grow!

One of my favorite philosophies in life is to focus on the relationships!

More about me...
From the mouths of my friends:

As a consultant, Cory has been given the name as the "Rainmaker" by his peers and colleagues. He has an uncanny talent to create energy, excitement and a following where ever he goes. Cory has served a consultant to several Network Marketing Companies, helping to implement the training platforms,compensation plans, marketing materials, cold and warm market recruiting systems & reward/ recognition programs.

As a Coach , Mentor and Friend , Cory has mentored several six figure producing networkers. Cory's mentorship is sought after by Networker's from many different companies in the Direct Sales Industry.

As a Speaker/Trainer, he has taught thousands of distributors the success principles of the direct sales industry.

If you are interested in Private-Personal Mentor-ship with Cory Holliman, please feel free to email: for more information.

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